Ten things your child’s swimming instructor wants you to know

Knowing how to swim competently could save your child’s life. For this reason, swimming lessons are not only beneficial for physical strength and development, but should also be seen as providing a vital lifesaving skill that everybody should possess.

Swimming instructors take their time to get to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and try their hardest to bring out the best in their students; but in order to help them do so, here are ten things swimming instructors would like you to remember:

1) Children learn at their own pace

Some kids will swim like dolphins from the get-go, but others will take longer. They may need to build up a relationship with their instructor before they can physically progress, they may need to get to know the pool and their classmates, or their little bodies may take time to develop the strength needed to propell them forwards.

It’s all progress, it’s all development; it’s all important. Try not to compare your child to others, they are trying their best!

2) We all learn differently

Similar to learning at their own pace, children also learn in their own ways. Some respond well to gentle teaching methods, some excel under stricter guidance.

While we try our very best to teach in the best way for your child, sometimes they will be suited to a different instructor. You are more than welcome to talk to us, or to the coordinators about what (or who) will best suit your child.

3) Let them play!

Outside of lessons, the very best thing you can do for your child’s progression is to enjoy water together! Don’t worry about their technique, teach them that swimming can be fun and they will WANT to improve. Do reinforce the usual rules, though, such as staying out of the water until you are already in.

4) Your children really want you to be proud of them

Sometimes it can be frustrating to see your child’s progress plateau, or to see others catch on quicker, but as mentioned above: there can be so many developmental reasons behind this. They do want to do well, they do love your praise, and they do check to see that you are watching.

Sometimes we will see an improvement in their technique or their body positioning, and we will try to make a big deal out of it. It may be miniscule; but it may also signal a complete change in their ability.

5) We all have bad days

Sometimes your child will be tired, uncooperative, grumpy; human. We understand. Give us a heads-up if you can, and remember that we all have bad days. Generally speaking, the best way to handle this is to persist with the lesson. If your child climbs out early, they may expect the same result in future; when they aren’t having a bad day and they just want to do something different.

They may not accomplish the most on that bad day, but seeing the lesson through will set a precedent for the future.

6) Being on time is important

While this one is easier said than done, and we know lateness is sometimes unavoidable, arriving with enough time to get your child used to their surroundings before they are plonked in the water really does make the world of difference.

Children have no real concept of time, but they are incredibly in tune with their parents. If you are rushed and anxious, the chances are that anxiety will come with them into the pool.

If you do happen to be late, we understand; a deep breath may ease that transition into the lesson.

7) It’s best to stay committed

Physical activity and group sports are fantastic for your children; but swimming is also a vital survival skill. Maintaining your commitment to lessons is the best way to develop your child’s strength and capability in and around water.

8) Children pay more attention than we realise

This one is especially relevant for make-up classes. Routine is important to children, but sometimes life gets in the way of that. If your child has a lesson with a new teacher, try to be excited for them! Explain it in a way that will make them feel good about this change, and the chances are they will love it. If they don’t, remember it’s just one lesson, and the same rule applies about sticking it out until the end.

9) You can talk to us!

While we know the job; you know the child. Feel free to talk to us or one of the coordinators about any past experiences/injuries/illnessess/bad days that you may think are relevant.

That being said; we do deal with A LOT of children, so your faith and trust in us and our methods goes a long way.

10) We really do love your kids

Even when they are challenging. In fact, sometimes those challenges make the rewards that bit sweeter. Your children are strong, clever, funny, and the reason we are in this profession.

We genuinely enjoy our time with them; working out their personalities and watching them grow. We are so proud when a child masters a new skill or overcomes a fear; so thank you for trusting us to do so!





‘Typical new mum, always on her arse’

So, early last night something happened that took me so completely by surprise that I have been thinking about it and dwelling on it ever since. I didn’t even mention it to Ryan because it pulled me so far inside my own head I had no idea how to verbalise it.

Yesterday evening Ryan and I stopped to get a takeaway on the way home from the beach.. Ryan wandered off with the toddler to watch the rain while we waited, and B started fussing for a feed. I looked around for somewhere to sit; mostly because B is around 11kgs and standing up to feed him is slightly less easy now, but also because I had a voice in the back of my head telling me that to stand and feed him would draw attention to us, and I could be perceived as someone that feeds in public just to be looked at.

Then it happened.

Two bogans (like the Aussie equivalent of chavs, for any English readers) walked past, and one said: ‘typical new mum, always on her arse’ and the other burst out laughing.

My initial thought was ‘meh, Bogan’.

Then I wondered if I would have responded had I been less tired or in a bad mood.

Then I wondered if he had a broken relationship and a kid he never saw, because he treated the mother that way.

Then I thought about my day, and how much of it I’d spent ‘sat on my arse’.

So for you, dear bogan; this is how my Wednesday went:

Get woken up by baby at 5am, try to convince him to lie down and go back to sleep

Put him on the floor for a play while I struggle to wake up

Pull him back into bed and try to convince him to lie down and go back to sleep

Give up and get up

Unload dishwasher, grind coffee, reload dishwasher, make breakfast

(Stopping to move crawling and standing baby away from danger 49ish times)..

Give kids toast, with a cooled boiled egg for baby, finish making coffee

Load washing machine and turn on laundry

Sit down to eat breakfast, get back up immediately because the boiled egg has somehow offended the baby and he is livid

Clean baby up and put him down to play

Sit back down

Get up to get the toddler a knife and fork because he ‘needs’ them for his toast

Drink cold coffee & eat cold breakfast one handed because baby now hates playing and is offended by toys

Clean high chair and toddler’s breakfast mess (one handed)

Shower (with baby)

Sit down to feed baby

Get up to hang laundry (one handed)

Go upstairs and get everybody dressed for the gym

Make it downstairs and remember to brush toddler’s teeth (go back upstairs)

Drive to gym and answer call about extending my Sunday shift while setting up the pram

Drop kids at creche, do yoga, collect kids, head home

Sit down to feed baby

Get changed and meet friend for coffee

Put kids in cafe playpen, sit down

Stand up for baby/toddler dramas, sit down

Repeat 73ish times

Bribe toddler to sit down with a cookie

Drink a bit of coffee

Sit down to feed baby

Walk around until baby falls asleep on me, take toddler to another play area and sit with baby still asleep on me

Head home, meet partner & remember we promised to take toddler to the beach

get ready for the beach

Stop for a beer at the rsl (bribe toddler to sit with juice) sit down and continually pass baby between us so we can have our half pint without him smacking the glass from our hands

Play on the beach

Head home

Stop off and order takeaway because the toddler is overtired and we have no chance of cooking before meltdown

Sit down outside to feed baby, overhear bogan say ‘typical new mum, always sitting on her arse’

Think about this while giving baby dinner, eating dinner on my feet, cleaning up toys, cleaning up baby-dinner, vacuuming, showering, cleaning kitchen, folding laundry, dressing baby for bed and then sitting down to feed baby/write this.

I sat down four times to drive, four times to feed the baby, once to hold the baby while he slept and attempted to sit another 397 times, but because of the kids they actually were more like squats than actual ‘sits’.

Yep. Typical new mum. Always on her arse.

I expected more from you.

Taking a detour from a parenting blog to have a political rant. (Sorry not sorry.)

Sick of it today.

I absolutely lost my temper today. I singled out a few ‘friends’ and had a rant. This too was meant to be a rant on facebook, but I had too much to say.

Yes, he is the president, yes atrocities are happening all over this messed up world, yes myself and those on my friends list are lucky, privileged, relatively safe.

Does that mean those who care should remain silent?

‘My only hope is that our resistance is inexorable and his tenure as brief as possible. What’s not to fear? Climate disaster, human rights violations, the dismantling of the constitution, the dissolution of America as we know it, nuclear war. Whatever happens in the US will affect the entire world, so there’s no escaping its reach.’- protestor, France.

Because it’s not my president I shouldn’t stand in solidarity?

Does that mean that no one has a right to say this is fucked up?

Does that mean we should deal with it and carry on as if all is fine, and if women, muslims, black people, disabled people, gay people, mexicans etc etc lose what rights they have in America, then such is life, suck it up?

Let me be clear: men, women, children, humans, animals have rights. Living beings deserve to have rights.

Honestly I just expected so much more from those questioning this.

There is plenty in this world I am against and plenty more I am petrified of. When you say that these people protesting shouldn’t be protesting because Hillary is also a crook, you are missing the point.


To me it’s the same as telling people not to ‘harp on about saving the whales, as cows are also slaughtered, and you’re not defending them’.

Firstly, are you sure? People constantly throw that argument at the vegan Sea Shepherd crew, without educating themselves first. (For example.) Are you sure these people haven’t been protesting wars, defending the rights of refugees, voting in the election? Are you sure these people have not stood up for their beliefs so far?

You may not see events such as https://www.google.com.au/amp/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/more-than-30000-ahmadiyya-muslims-from-across-the-world-meet-in-the-uk-to-reject-isis-and-islamic-a7191306.html%3Famp?client=ms-android-hms-vf-au publicised, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.

Secondly, and more importantly, are you really suggesting that we must protest EVERYTHING, we must defend EVERYONE and EVERYTHING or defend NOTHING?

These protests are not about wanting a female president, or because white men are the enemy, or because those attending only care about themselves: these protests are happening because a vile cretin defeated another vile cretin and now has the most powerful position in the world, and people are scared.

‘President-Elect Donald Trump said the issue of marriage equality in the U.S. is settled Supreme Court law and he’s “fine with that,” yet pledged to support overturning the 1973 high court decision that a woman has a right to choose to have an abortion.’ –        DallasNews.com


I cannot tell you that Obama was amazing, personally there were many occasions his policies made me sick, but if we don’t stand up now against this sexist, abusive, controlling, delusional, lying, entitled piece of shit I think it will be too late.

It probably already is, anyway, but I know which side of history I want to be on.

You know what I keep coming back to? The documented murders of innocent black men by police officers. The publicised murders. The ones that even a black president couldn’t prevent.

What will happen with a sexist white supremacist in charge? Or do we already know?

‘democracy has “the chance to be greatly diminished in our country,” Oster went on to say, adding: “Seeing Mr. Trump ask the audience to raise their hand and give an oath… things like this are not very welcome to someone who survived the Holocaust.”’

US Democratic status downgraded:


Here’s How Trump’s Anti-Abortion Rule Will Affect Women Worldwide https://www.buzzfeed.com/jinamoore/trump-just-slapped-an-anti-abortion-rule-on-foreign-aid?utm_term=.zyynr8LgNM#.zyynr8LgNM

The rights of rapists over children concieved by an act of rape in the US:


What Paul Ryan effectively said was that he thinks that any woman who was impregnated by a rapist should be forced to carry the fetus(es) to term, even if she does not want to

Paul Ryan:


Paul Ryan:


The misconception around US funding abortions overseas (spoiler: they never were)

No, Trump Didn’t Ban US Funds From Paying For Overseas Abortions https://www.buzzfeed.com/jinamoore/no-the-us-government-does-not-pay-for-abortions-abroad?utm_term=.vivYX04kNm#.vivYX04kNm

Why we still need feminism:


Why we all need the marches:


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