Seafood Superfood

Seafood Superfood

It’s quick, easy, delicious and filled with vitamins and minerals essential to your health. So why not update your meal-plan with seafood this New Year?

In order to lay claim to the ‘superfood’ title, food has to be nutrient rich, low-fat, vitamin-filled, natural, and appealing to eat. (Not demanding at all, are we?)

Fresh seafood (particularly finfish) is a high-protein, low calorie food that is packed full of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and oils. Eating as little as 100g of seafood 1-4 times per week is likely to have a long-lasting, positive effect on your overall health.

We know we need protein to repair our muscles following a workout, and we know we also need good fats (such as omegas 3 & 6) for growth and repair (aka ‘gains, bro’), but for overall good health we also need a multitude of other nutrients.

A recent article published by Men’s Health (link here) highlights the benefits of Vitamin D and how necessary it is to our bodies. Vit.D is usually absorbed via exposure to UVB rays from the Sun. The problem is; we are largely encouraged to protect ourselves from the harsh sun as much as possible, which leaves us looking for other options.  Luckily, studies show that seafood is the best dietary source of Vitamin D there is.

So, you could stock your cupboards with omega 3 supplements, fish oil and fish oil capsules, vitamin D tablets, iodine, selenium & taurine supplements and so on and so forth; or you could have a BBQ, throw on some seafood and reap the benefits of everything listed above.

Countless studies have also shown links between consuming fresh seafood and long-term health benefits, such as: a reduced risk of high blood pressure, arthritis, depression and obesity, better memory function and even a potential link to cancer prevention.

This January, how about swapping your beef steak for a tuna steak? Why not forgo those sausages and opt for prawns? With seafood, the recipe options are literally endless, and as fresh seafood needs little to no adjustments to taste delicious and takes minimal time to cook; you might even shave some time from the meal-prep slot. (The chance of impressing any dinner guest with a simple fish-dish is also likely, and well worth a mention!).

 Everything considered, upping your fresh fish intake becomes a no-brainer. Enjoy!